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Sidney Spear

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Name: Sidney Spear

Birthday: August 21st

Occupation: Pilot Instructor / Training Development: United Airlines

Family: Wife, 2 Children, 4 Grandchildren

Interests: Grandkids, Sports, Military Affairs and Travel.

What was your fondest memory @ the Ten?

What have you been up to since the Ten?
Joined the Air Force in 1976, Retired in 1996. Flight Engineer on C-141 and KC-10 with over 7,000 hours of flight time.

Iíve been in 2 conflicts, Panama & the first Gulf War & also met 2 Presidents, Reagan & the first Bush, I've also been on every continent in the world.

In 1977 joined United Airlines in Denver as Pilot Instructor and later as a Training Developer, currently traveling between Denver and Chicago doing training development.


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