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Natanya Nelson
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Name: Natanya Nelson (Blakely)

Birthday: October 8th

Occupation: Claims Manager for CNA Insurance Company

Family: I am divorced with 1 Son

Interests: I enjoy going to the Beach watching the Waves, Roller Skating, Reading, Spending time at Church I am very active at my Church, Spending time with Friends.

What was your fondest memory @ the Ten?
I always wanted to become a Centennette and becoming one of the Leaders was a dream come true!

What have you been up to since the Ten?
After leaving the Ten I attended Chapman College where I received my BA degree in Psychology. I started working for Cal State Fullerton in their Student Health Center and I worked there for seven years. While working at Cal State Fullerton I took some post baccalaureate courses in Business Management. I started working for CNA Insurance in 1986 and have been there to present. I moved up through the ranks from Claim Assistant to my present position of Claim Manager.

I have been single again since 2008, it feels strange but I am getting used to it. I'm looking forward to the future.


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