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Name: Mary Watson (Bender)

Birthday: August 22nd

Occupation: Administrative Secretary, San Bernardino Community College District

Family: I have 10 1/2 Children - 3 young ladies, 2 young men, 1 son-in-law, 4 grandsons and 1 grandchild in-route.

Interests: Jesus Christ is my #1 interest! I read about Him a lot so I can get to know Him as my Father and Savior!, I love music! All kinds of music except Rap and Hard Rock! I don't knock it; I just can't get with it. ,I love musicals, plays and concerts! I have yet to sit in on the Los Angeles Chorale concert!, I love the outdoors; walking and riding., I love to talk!, I love to listen!, I love to laugh!, I like to sew., I want to learn how to crochet., I love the sound of the ocean., I want to learn how to swim! And I love our yearly class reunions!!

Biography: I grew up in Compton, California. I attended El Segundo Elementary school, Vanguard Jr. High, and graduated from Centennial High in 1975.

What was your fondest memory @ the Ten?
Laughing with everybody! And I mean EVERYBODY!

What have you been up to since the Ten?
I married in 1977. My husband, Bernard Bender, graduated from Centennial in 1974. We have five children. Bernard passed away in 1988. I thank God for my sanity! He has kept me safe in His arms! My children have been my occupation until my youngest son turned 18! I thank God for his direction in raising them!

I thank God that they are all well and in their right mind! I thank God that they are all His responsibility now, and not mine. I praise God that I have been able to let all five of them "fly" on their own!

Now.... I'm living my life like it's Golden!!! I'm taking my time and smelling each rose, one at a time, while sip'n on a good fresh cup of coffee!!!!


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