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Larry Williams
Then & Now

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Name: Larry Williams

Occupation: City of Pine Bluff Street Dept: Head

Family: Wife: Esther, 2 Sons: Barry, Derrick & 1 Grandson: Jayden

Interests: Spending time with Family, Reading, Football, Fishing, Listening to Big Ten 75 Old School Music Station, Meeting People, Going out to Dinner & Traveling.

What have you been up to since the Ten?

Since Our Big Ten days, I moved down South to Pine Bluff, Arkansas, I've been here for the past 33 years. I went to a H.B.C. School here in Pine Bluff. I have enjoyed my life here learning about life in the south.

I have enjoyed traveling all over the south visiting places we only read about in history books. I live a simple life but a enjoyable one.


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