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Name: Jerlilia L. Ryan

Birthday: July 25th

Occupation: Real Estate Broker/Law Student

Family: 3 Chidren-2 Daughters 22, 28 years of age, 1 Son 25 years of age & 1 Granddaughter 6 years of age.

Interests: Golf, Chess, Reading: (Favorite Books: The Nine, By Jeffrey Tubin, Witness for the Prosecution, by Agathi Christi. Old Movies: (Favorite-Suspicion with Gary Grant). By end of 2009 will have scuba diving underneath my belt.

What was your fondest memory @ the Ten?
Ditching with former Classmates and catching RTD downtown L. A. to see a movie.

What have you been up to since the Ten?
In 1975, after graduating from Centennial Sr. High (Big Ten), followed my dreams and moved to San Diego where I studied and received a BA in Sociology, with a minor in Communication at the University of California, San Diego.

In 1992, became a single mother of three, and started my own Industrial Supply Contract Business (Only African American woman in the San Diego Area with an Industrial Supply Contract Business). The company was started in my two-bedroom apartment with a hope and a prayer. Within one year, I build my Industrial Supply contract company from a $500.00 a month business to a $15,000 a month business. Within 3 years of starting my business, It grew to a half a million dollars a year. With the demands being so great for my products, I had no choice but to expand and move into a 11,000 sq. ft. warehouse. In the 8th year, the company far exceeded my expectation and the demand became to great.

In 1998, sold my business to one of my competitors (who still uses my company's name today), and became a stay at home Mom. With the proceeds I received from the sale of my Industrial Business, I open a small accessory store close to home.

In 2005, after my youngest child graduated from High School, I decided to go back to college and fulfill my initial dream. I received my Master in Business Administration, and shortly afterwards entered into law school

At Present I am a Real Estate Broker and is currently attending Law School. I've authored and introduced to California State Legislation a smoke-Free initiative for the State of California that will be on the California Ballot in 2010/2012

My future aspiration is to become a divorce attorney and run for State Senate (In the far future) once I achieved my goal as a divorce attorney.


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