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Carolyn Burton
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Name: Carolyn Burton

Birthday: December 8th

Occupation: L.A. County Public Health Department

Family: I have 5 Brothers, 3 Sisters and 1 Son

Interests: Would like to get involved with some community work as well as donate time to hospitals in holding new born babies who's parents are unable to, of course this is after I retire from the County of Los Angeles.

What was your fondest memory @ the Ten?
Pep Rallies with Centennettes and Cheer Leaders with Mr. Wendell Page doing his Indian dance with such pride and honor.

What have you been up to since the Ten?
I have worked for the County of Los Angeles for 30 yrs, I have worked for the Department of Environmental Health in Baldwin Park from 2003 to current. I've lived in San Gabriel Valley since 1988.

I have one child name Lamar Smith who is 24 yrs old and is working on his PhD at Antioch University in Santa Barbara.

I have travel some but the majority of my time is with my church in Hawthorne, CA. I spend time with friends and relatives and hoping to reconnect with old friends from the Big Ten.


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