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Alcardio Sowell
Then & Now

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Name: Alcardio Sowell

Birthday: February 11th

Occupation: I was a Machinists and Owner of a Catering Business.

Family: 2 Daughters, 1 Step Son & 7 Grandkids

Interests: Playing Cards, Fishing, Cooking, Baking, Watching Wrestling, Playing Mafia Wars Game, Watching Football & Most Of All Playing With My Grandkid's!

What was your fondest memory @ the Ten?
The Pep Rally’s, Football Games & Going To The Prom With My Best Friend (Debra Hardy)!

What have you been up to since the Ten?
I Got married in 1976. Then ten years later was divorced single father raising two daughters. I worked for the government 15 year's lost my job and two home's, do to five years of alcohol & drug addiction, I went into recovery & I've been clean for fifteen years now!

I went back to college and received my AA and also went to school to become a baker and a chief, worked at a 5 star restaurant for eight years, had my own catering business, for 12 years had to sell it do to my illness of heart failure and c.o.p.d, I'm doing some what okay now, staying home in my Condo in Harbor City helping out my two daughter's with there kids one of my daughter’s has 4 kids, 1 girl 8 and 3 boy's 12, 10 & 5, my youngest daughter has two girl's 5, 3 & a baby boy 3 mos. I thank God for my life and being part of the Ten!


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